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I believe in doing work that helps transform life for the better. Along with being creative and intuitive, I am drawn to the logical and tangible, and I enjoy discovering the practical, elegant solutions that improve life.

My roots are in art, architecture, and historic preservation. In restoring, preserving, and modernizing places, spaces, and objects for people, I work to harmonize the needs of the space and its owner to elevate its quality so it can be enjoyed again in the present. Ultimately, this work enhances the space to create an uplifting experience for those who will use or dwell in it.

Just as the way aesthetically pleasing spaces and objects can change the energy of the surrounding environment, allowing yourself to relax and become present helps enhance your experience of your own life.

I use Reiki and reflexology to help people come back to being present, internally releasing what they no longer need. It is in this deeply relaxed state that they heal and achieve the quality of wellbeing that is their natural right.

Reiki and reflexology are easy, practical tools that allow you to release your challenges, at least temporarily, and become present. They are simple and minimalist – all you need is a quiet space and your hands to do the work – and they are effective.

Being present allows you to release the past and not get stuck in worry about the future. You work with what is in front of you without getting caught up in the results.

Working with many of my clients, I’ve found that it’s the sense of presence that they receive that brings many of them the deepest impact in their healing journey.

Architectural Preservationist, CSI / CDT

I have been continuously working in the field of historic preservation for over twenty years and have managed a broad spectrum of exterior / interior projects for existing / historic buildings. Projects have ranged from historic farmsteads to residential buildings, parks to plazas, and institutions to commercial spaces. For these projects, I have collaborated with architects, contractors, and consultants to develop plans, budgets, and construction packages as well as researched and recommended appropriate restoration / rehabilitation materials and techniques. Services: Exterior & Interior Preservation | Analysis & Documentation | Project Planning & Budgeting | Project Management/Administration | Historic & Materials Research | Feng Shui

Board Co-Chair of The David and Hinna Stahl Memorial Lecture in Bioethics


Orthopedic Reflexology presented by Spiros Dimitrakoulas / November 2017
Conditioned Response Reflexology presented by Vera Krijn / November 2016
TPR Tony Port Reflexology presented by Tony Porte / April 2016
Art of Jin Shin Jyutsu by Ian Harris / April 2014


Usui Shiki Ryoho – Master
An ancient treatment that channels universal life energy to relieve physical, spiritual, and emotional blocks. Reiki’s earth energy is usually felt as heat or vibration.

Seichem Reiki – Second Degree
Increases the Reiki effect by using the energies of water, angelic air, and fire.
Member of:
The Reiki Alliance

Certified Reflexologist, ARCB, RAA, TRA
Foot and hand reflexology is a scientific art based on the premise that there are some zones and reflex areas in the feet and hands, which correspond to all body parts. The physical act of applying specific pressures using thumb, finger and hand techniques results in stress reduction, which causes physiological changes in the body.
Member of:
Reflexology Association of America
Tri State Reflexology Association
American Reflexology Certification Board

Independent Associate for USANA Health Sciences

ARCB Certified Reflexologist