I offer the following services:
Individual Sessions, Long-Distance Sessions, Pet Reiki, and Classes.

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Informational Consultation

Not sure which session is right for you? If you are new to my services, you are invited to book one complimentary 30-minute informational session with me to learn more about how Reiki and reflexology can help you.

Individual sessions - Reiki

During an individual Reiki session, you will be fully clothed and either sitting or lying down in a comfortable position. During the session, I will gently place my hands (non-intrusively) in a sequence of positions, holding each position for several minutes. The Reiki energy flows to any areas that need "pain" relief, and it supports your body’s natural ability to heal itself.

A full session covering the whole body takes between 60-90 minutes and can be adapted to your needs.

Sessions are offered in either my Upper West Side or Union Square office.

Individual sessions – Reflexology

During an individual reflexology session, you will be fully clothed, except for your footwear, and lying down in a comfortable position. During the session, I will apply varying pressure to your feet that is comfortable for you. As I work specific points on your feet, it will allow your body to relax and heal itself.

A full session takes 60 minutes. Sessions are offered in either my Upper West Side or Union Square office.

House Calls: Individual Reiki or Reflexology

I will travel to where you are for the normal rate plus travel expenses. House calls are available if you are located within a 30-minute travel time or if we have a previously agreed arrangement.

Long-distance sessions – Reiki only

Because Reiki can pass through anything, you can still receive a session from a distance. The long-distance session is beneficial for people who cannot come to my office because of distance or the inability to travel.

With the long-distance session, you must be free of interruptions and able to lie down or sit still for approximately 60-90 minutes. Before the appointment, we will discuss how the session works and how you can maximize its benefits. You may experience similar sensations that you experience with in-person sessions (i.e., drowsiness, pulsing, tingling, and/or the surfacing of emotions). After the session, you will likely feel relaxed.

Pet Reiki

Reiki sessions for pets are similar to sessions for humans. Because animals cannot talk, it is necessary to take extra time and care to ensure that your pet is comfortable with the Reiki practitioner and receptive to the session. Pet sessions work best when the pet is in his or her own home where he or she will be most comfortable.

Before, during, and after the session, I am in constant communication with him or her, always asking for permission to continue the session. For a first session, I like to begin working from a distance, which allows your pet to move about freely and not feel trapped. Throughout the distance session, I will check to see if they want to continue receiving the session. Once rapport has been established, I continue the session by placing my hands directly on the animal.

Pets often become very calm and relaxed when receiving a session. They seem to sense the power of the Reiki and will often respond by positioning themselves to receive it in the best way for their needs. Sometimes they prefer to stay a few yards away and simply soak up the energy from a distance. For example, when my cat Cheddar wants Reiki, he will climb into my lap and give me an expecting look. I usually place one of my hands on his head and the other on his rump for a half hour, after which he usually gets up and has a drink of water. This is how he tells me the session is over.

On the other hand, my cat Smart Alec is very sensitive, and does not like having hands-on sessions. For him, I Reiki my space or the situation, and usually within 5 to 10 minutes he is relaxed and grooming himself or sleeping. Smart Alec also loves “riding the energy” when I have clients over. He loves being at clients’ feet or elsewhere on the table while I work.

It is important to remember that Reiki is a powerful modality that can help with specific conditions and even alleviate symptoms but it is not an alternative to treatment by a qualified vet. Also, remember that if your pet is seriously ill and you are considering a Reiki session, then your vet must be consulted first.

Lauren Stahl Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates

Give the gift of relaxation and wellbeing. Gift certificates are available as packages of five or 10 sessions, or you can create your own dollar amount. If you need gift certificates for an auction or event, please let me know. For the right event, I would be happy to donate a session or two.


Want to make Reiki or Reflexology a regular part of your life? Packages are available for five or ten session at a reduced price. Contact me for more details.