Here are some of the results my clients have received through our sessions…

The Most Restful Night’s Sleep

“Lauren Stahl takes what is curious to some and unattainable to others and creates a channel of healing accessible to all. After a Reiki session with Lauren, I’ve personally risen to my feet with a sense of groundedness and clarity now circulating within; a soothed soul and a calm mind and the most restful night’s sleep to look forward to!”
Beth Newman
Marketing Consultant,
New York, New York

Stress Relief in Tough Times

“Lauren is fantastic as a Reiki Practitioner. Her intuitive healing methods in my Reiki sessions with her really helped me get through some very hard times. She even performed Reiki on my darling dog Chauncie during his last stages of cancer and I know that it gave him relief and made him feel better. Lauren is amazing!”
D’vorah Horton-Hoffmann
Veterinarian Technician,
New York and Israel

Comfort After Cancer Treatment

“Lauren Stahl is just amazing as a healer. As a cancer survivor, her hands on Reiki work brought me comfort in a very stressful time”
Susan Perla
New York, New York

Tooth Sensitivity and Neck Pain Relief

“Working with Lauren has been a wonderful, peaceful and soothing experience. I came to Lauren with tooth sensitivity & neck pain. After my first couple of visits, the pain was reduced and now it’s virtually gone! I would strongly recommend her to anyone looking to reduce pain.”
Christine Kelly

New York, New York